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Mondly - Review

The Mondly language course - still far less well known in Germany than Babbel - is also one of the most successful in today's trusted comparison. This is also (but not only) due to the phenomenally wide choice of possible learning languages. You can currently learn up to 41 languages with Mondly, and new courses are added regularly. Like Babbel, the most important basics are often covered. In addition to common languages such as English, Spanish and French, you will also find many exotic languages such as Urdu and Vietnamese, dead languages such as Latin, and many other unusual courses.

As far as the learning concept is concerned, Mondly is largely similar to Babbel's language learning application, but it is more designed for controlling mobile devices than the latter. Here, you drag vocabulary cards to the right place where you work - instead of using a mouse and keyboard - with the microphone to complete texts and dialogues. Mondly likes to experiment with the possibilities of modern technology. For example, the application offers a chatbot with which you can have virtual conversations and apply the knowledge you have acquired. MondlyAR and MondlyVR are virtual and augmented reality applications that add a whole new innovative dimension to language courses.

Some of the technical gadgets are still in their infancy, but they certainly help motivate and make language learning fun and exciting. Daily challenges and weekly quizzes, with which you can deviate a little from the predefined 'normal' learning path, also create variety. Otherwise, Mondly - like Babbel - aims to teach conversational vocabulary quickly and treats grammar exercises and language theory rather lukewarmly.

Starting with Mondly is completely free. As with Babbel, the first lessons of every language course are free, and regular challenges don't cost anything either. However, if you wish to continue after the first lessons, you'll need a Premium account of around 4 euros per month (for one language) or 40 euros per month (for all language courses).