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Rosetta Stone - Review

The third language course in trusted's current top 3 is Rosetta Stone. The language learning application currently offers 24 learning languages ranging from English, Spanish and French to Swedish or Dutch, Japanese, Chinese or Arabic. You can reach the B2 level of the CEFR in each language, which certifies "independent use of the language".

The special feature of Rosetta Stone is the learning concept that the supplier has developed itself and which is called "Dynamic Immersion". Instead of learning vocabulary directly with the respective translation, as with Babbel or Mondly, Rosetta deliberately dispenses with any translation and links the new words and phrases solely with images and sound. In this way, you are supposed to learn the new language in the same way as a child learns its mother tongue; by perceiving it immersively and slowly understanding it through imitation. This should lead to a better understanding of the language concerned, but unlike Babbel and Mondly, it is designed for the long term, not for a quick feeling of success.

Another advantage of Rosetta Stone is that you can customise your study programme. You can choose from many different topics, which you can work on at different levels of difficulty, or you can opt for community interaction, learning games, or optional extra courses. In this way, you don't follow a predefined and well-defined path, but learn exactly what you want, either in the browser or via a mobile application.

The language learning application is complemented by live tutoring sessions, two of which await you at each lesson. During the group sessions and via voice chat, a professional tutor will guide you and up to 4 other language learners in a conversation that once again summarises the content of your lesson. In this way, you will not only learn the necessary vocabulary, but you will also be able to use it directly in practice. Individual sessions are also possible on request.

Live sessions are probably also the reason why Rosetta Stone is a little more expensive than Mondly or Babbel. Rosetta courses cost between 10 and 17 euros per month.